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Mad as ruddy Hatters.

12203 F To The FA And The Football League Upon our return to the Football league (Ed: Luton Town was relegated twice in a row in recent years, beginning in 2006–07, they spent the latter part of the 2007–08 season in administration, thus incurring a ten-point deduction from that season's total. The club then had a total of 30 points docked from its 2008–09 record by the FA and the Football League for financial irregularities going back quite a few years years.These deductions sent them down to the conference, but like a phoenix they have returned now to the Football League Playlist
13902 Eboue Anti Eboue football chant
13938 Anti Crewe Supporter. Some really fat bird, we spotted her.
14171 Olay Olay Olay Olay,.. Always sung, every game.
14443 He's Only A Poor Little Hornet Poor little Hornet
14705 We Hate Watford We hate Watford
14931 Bedfordshire Is Wonderful Full of good things.
14953 Are You Watford In Disguise? Sang when we play someone s*it
15199 We Love You Luton We do
15436 L-U-T-O-N And what have you got?!
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15695 His Armband Says He Runs The Town, Nico, Nico Kevin Nicholls
15970 Running Down The Wing Viva Asa Hall
16027 Dirty Scouser SCOUSE SONG
16033 S**t Ground 2-1 Sung to a team when Luton are winning at home.
16421 You What Sang when we don't know what they are doing
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